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Your views: Grab takes the wheel from Uber in Southeast Asia



SINGAPORE: In the battle of the titans in the ride-hailing market in Southeast Asia, Grab appeared to emerge victorious, announcing on Monday (Mar 26) that it has acquired Uber’s operations in the region.
The move has sparked talk that commuters will see fewer promotional codes and possibly higher prices in what's effectively a monopoly in the private-hire industry. It has also created uncertainty for more than 500 Uber staff - said to be on "paid leave" while Grab decides on their deployment.
Many have expressed concern for Uber staff and drivers. "When the elephants make love, the grass suffers", said Jwee Quek on Channel NewsAsia's Facebook page.
Here's a selection of other reactions:
Sad day for ride-hailing industry: Soh Zhiwei
"Today is a sad day for the ride-hailing industry in Singapore. First we have Easy Taxi exit the Singapore market, and now it's Uber's turn. It's scary to think that Grab, since founded in 2012 has expanded too rapidly. From taxis to private car, buses, bicycle, e-payment and soon, food. I'm not surprised if one day they launch an airline called GrabPlane."
Can't help but feel betrayed: Robert Ridzuandowski
"As an Uber user, I can't help it but feel betrayed for them selling us out to Grab just like that. Totally disappointed in them. I think the biggest loser here is the consumer because now we will be subjected to unreasonable price hikes, surcharges and less opportunities to get a car as the drivers can pick and choose depending on the location unlike Uber."
Never thought this was sustainable: Shi Wei
"I think many people will be disappointed, but not exactly surprised. For the last couple of years, they were shoving promotions at us and subsidising our rides. I never thought this was sustainable in the long run."

AdvertisementAdvertisementBack to taking alternative transport: Forlan Quireoz
"Riders had a good four years of cheap fares and promos. Get used to the normal fare or it's back to taking alternative transport"

Might have to go back to pre-Uber days: George Tino
"Uber was good as drivers did not see the destination. I'd have to go back to using taxi services when it was pure luck to get a confirmation (for a ride) during peak hours.
If Grab doesn't show (drivers) the destination then good, but if Grab does, then we will go back to pre-Uber days and a nightmare.
"There are other choices": Lim Joe

"Those not comfortable with Grabbing, there are other choices. There's still the MRT, buses, various taxi companies, bicycles and even walking - acquisition of failed businesses organisations are common.
"It's just too bad Uber was unable to make it in Southeast Asia and exited the region."

"Prices won't shoot up that high": Alex Tan
"It's sad for drivers and passengers. But I guess prices won't shoot up that high because people can easily switch to taxis. For drivers, I think they will be more at a disadvantage, as incentives for them might be reduced."
We're the ones spoiling them: Richie Liang
"If it's expensive, then don't use their service. No (big) demand over supply thus the price will have to be attractive.
"We are the ones spoiling them. Aren't we?"
Win-win situation: James Png
"The winner is the Uber CEO. He sold the assets to the competitor and yet joined them as a board member - win-win situation."

Only losers are the drivers and passengers: Toon Sree Dahtoke Chow
"Grab has become a monopoly, while Uber got a 30 per cent stake in Grab. It's a win-win situation. The only losers are the drivers and passengers who are now left with no choice."

"A monopoly is never good for consumers": Melvin Emmanuel Chan

Good move by Uber: Dennis Khew
"The falling COE prices mark the saturation point of the Singapore private-hire vehicle market. A good move by Uber selling and a good move for Grab buying. ComfortDelGro will continue to die a slow death."
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