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Value for Money : Free gift, buy without paying a single cent.



I am here just to share genuine true value for money item/s.

Like this one stated above, there is no money involved. Simply just register a shopee account, go to the link above. There is no need to spend a cent when you buy from the stated advertisement. Don't believe me, try it out yourself.

1. Claim the S$0.40 shop voucher in the shop .

2. Add 4 of the items into your cart (yes, you can buy maximum 4 of the items).

3. Check out your Cart with S$0.00.

4. They will arrange to have your purchased item delivered to your home (free delivery).

The rest is just wait for your purchase to arrive in about a week+ time.

Bro Tencent shares S0.10 items that can be bought in Singapore.

I share more range of items from FREE items to some items that may cost some real money. But the things i share is targeted on ONE simple rule : Value for Money $$$

Disclaimer : Items in each advertisement is while stock last or may have a time frame for the sale. It may expire (in a day, a few hours, a few days or after some time) & i will not be updating the thread.

Happy Shopping!