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Police investigating viral incident involving woman hitting a gong during neighbour's prayer ritual



Police investigating viral incident involving woman hitting a gong during neighbour's prayer ritual​

Screengrabs of a video posted on Facebook by user Livanesh Ramu. (Photos: Facebook/Livanesh Ramu)
By Davina Tham 11 Jun 2021 12:10AM (Updated: 11 Jun 2021 12:10AM )

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SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is investigating an incident involving a woman who was seen on video hitting a gong repeatedly as her neighbour was carrying out a prayer ritual at the entrance of his home.

A report was lodged on the incident and a 48-year-old woman was assisting with investigations, SPF confirmed on Thursday (Jun 10).

The video went viral on Wednesday after it was posted by Facebook user Livanesh Ramu.

In the 20-second video, a woman is seen hitting a small gong multiple times while he rings a prayer bell outside his flat.

"Like many other Hindus this has been a part of our family's five-minute, twice a week prayer routine," Mr Livanesh wrote in his post.

"Having lived in this home for more than 20 years we never had any issues. I guess with COVID-19 we have a new norm," he added.

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In an update to his post, Mr Livanesh said that SPF had reached out to him and his family, and that they were "coordinating" with the police.

He later added that they had given their statements to the authorities, who were investigating the matter.

"While we await their findings, I do not wish to speculate on behalf of my neighbour with regard to her actions. We will update you further as the investigation concludes," wrote Mr Livanesh.

"In the meantime, it is indeed heartening to see fellow Singaporeans in solidarity against intolerance."

Source: CNA/dv(hs)

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