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Parkway Shenton to make 'goodwill payment' to 15 COVID-19 vaccinators, nurses not paid by subcontractor


SINGAPORE: Parkway Shenton will make a "goodwill payment" to workers at the Bukit Timah Community Club COVID-19 vaccination centre, whose salaries were not paid by the healthcare group's subcontractor.

This is despite Parkway Shenton having already paid their subcontractor, National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng said on Wednesday (Sep 15).

The goodwill payment will be equivalent to what is owed to the workers, added Mr Ng.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM) in July said they were investigating two companies after a group of workers at a vaccination centre complained they were not paid more than a month's worth of salaries, according to a TODAY report .

The two companies under investigation were reported as being Megamanpower and Singapore Ambulance Association.

The affected workers were engaged as vaccinators and nurses at the Bukit Timah Community Club vaccination centre, Mr Ng said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Fifteen workers have filed claims, many of whom are students, said the NTUC chief.

"Such actions by errant employers (who are sub-contractors of Parkway Shenton) are not acceptable and NTUC have stepped forward with MOM and Parkway Shenton to provide assistance to these workers to resolve their payment issues," said Mr Ng.

"Parkway Shenton CEO Edmund Kwok, together with staff from NTUC and MOM had met some of the affected workers and gave them his commitment to provide them a goodwill payment (equivalent to what is owed to them) soon," he said.

The affected workers were "visibly grateful and relieved" for the help they received, said Mr Ng.

"We will pursue all levers to deal with errant employers such as the Singapore Ambulance Association who have clearly not done right by these workers," he added.

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