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~.~.~.~ Local Chinese BBBJ Gem Not To Be Missed ~.~.~.~


~Local Chinese BBBJ Gem Not To Be Missed~

Local Claire is out to serve all horny bros out there. She's tall with a wonderful skill that you won't want to miss.
She's providing Bareback blowjob service. With absolute good suction till u have loaded everything out.
She's out to work cause she's in need of money, so bros do handle her with care.

A short detail of her
Name: Claire(SG)
Race: Chinese
Age: 27
Stat: 32B
Height: 172
Weight: 58kg
Skin: Fair & Smooth
Smoker: Yes
Tattoo: Yes
Service: Incall Bareback Blowjob + CIM @ $140

Blowjob with condom @ $140
Duration: 45Min

Car Slot @ $140 (Any Other Location) (After 9:00pm)
(REJECTION FEE: S$50 The Moment We Met)
Incall Will Have Additional Damage.
(Room Charge $20)

Autoroaming: Yes
Dont(s) ; Fj, Anal.

For bros looking for room provided service & not driving bro don't skip this gem as Claire DRIVES.



Available from
Monday - Friday
2pm - Late

Monday - Friday: INCALL (Available From 2pm) + ($20 Room Charge)

Monday - Friday: CARDATE (Available From 9:00pm)


Please Do Be Patience Claire Will Revert Back To You ASAP.
Thank You Bros For Your Support.

Payment mode

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icecube1357;17312961 said:
FR: I was quite lucky to be able to get a slot today after waiting for a few days. Anyways, straight to the point:

GFE: 10/10
BBBJ/CIM:11/10 (the way she blow though, it was on point and perfect! She’s the first girl that is able to make me cum through BBBJ)

Blown away by her totally. Please do not hesitate to contact her and try yourself. If you think she isn’t impressive then i don’t know what is. Even at the very end when my time was up, she still managed to drop me off at my location which i was very surprised and for that, i can’t give enough compliments for her service. To summarise, don’t wait already. JUST GO FOR IT!

~~Fresh~~;17330162 said:
My 1st Fr for a longtime.

Had just finished my session with Claire and I must say overall service quality is 10/10. Really nothing to complaint about. Delivery with a service. :)

Pick me up at my location.
Request to drive me to the nearest ATM to withdraw some cash.
After which, we found a good secluded open air carpark, park and got it going.
Claire was very open about her job and we had a nice conversation before all went south. She cleaned me up, put me in a comfortable position and start her job. All in all, it was a good outing for me as I had load off comfortably and at $140...it was really a good door to door service that I will definitely come back for more.

Thank you and Cheers !!!

garmin;17411065 said:
Hi sbf brothers,

I dont normally post fr due to various reasons but i think claire professionalism deserve a pat on the back.

Took a few days after giving my number before claire contacted me. I arranged a meet up date n time with her and opt for the car slot.

I came early to the agree destination and waited a while before she came with her car to fetch me as i rode a bike. The area was rather discreet yet open due to surrounding housing. Well that makes me more sexcited.
I guess its pretty safe as she has curtains on the car windows.

I was asked to board the car on the back seat. The space is pretty roomy. She drove like a pro and parked the car before moving herself to the back seat.

She asked me to pull down my bermuda/underwear below knee level n clean my body up with wet tissue thoroughly. Thumbs up for her emphasis on hygiene.

After the clean up, she proceed to roll her shirt up revealing her B-cup breast. I touches her boobs to confirm they are real, she even show me the right way to fondle them. The boobs are soft and natural with very nice small nipples.

Claire started to lick n suck my nipples as i continue to fondle her boobs and caress her butt. What i enjoy most is she doesnt rush at all and took her time to warm me up. The feeling is almost same like how i used to make out with girls in my car except no kisses.

Carefully she engulfed my whole dick in her mouth with slow stroke. I felt like i am in heaven as she perform fast/slow momentum. If only she allows, i really felt like removing her shorts and fucking her there n then.

About 15 mins of resistance, i couldnt control any longer and shot everything into her mouth. She continue to suck out every drop of my semen. Shoik to the max.

After its all over she uses the wet tissue to wipe my body clean again and then we get out from the car for some fresh air. We had a good conversation sharing our life and pets and some past sex experiences as though we were friends or lovers from past life.

I have been chionging for more than 20yrs and must say this is one of the most enjoyable release. Thank you Claire for her professionalism and will definitely return for more.

ken9;17516183 said:
I hardly.do FR. but i have to do it this time!
already RTF clarie for 3 times.and counting.

for Incar - CIM.

i have to say she is by far the best CIM i have experienced. very friendly. totally break the ice as soon as we start talking.

to me i like CIM. and tried many many CIMs sometimes the girl just give up. or mouth tired and swap to use hand or just say i do not cum easily and should not request for cim.

Until i come across someone like her.
whole session from start to end. never once tell u she is tired. never use her hand to stroke my 2IC . 100% mouth with deep throat, twisting, slurping til u cum.
u want it fast. or slow. she can do it.

Guus who like CIM will understand what i am explaining.


chris999;17663026 said:
Met both Claire and Lara tonight for a tarma session is my first virgin shot at this , Claire gives a heavenly deep throat and was very hard working at my dick. while Lara on the other hand is a horny wet girl and is prone to the slightness touch her nipples are very sensitive.
They are the best combination as both bbbj are heavenly .

Ps : if you use to book her kingdom in the past you will know there is girl by the name of Desiree and she is Lara . Really glad to find back the this gem and also the legendary bbbj queen Claire .

lilbunny;17728331 said:
I never post any FRs, but Claire's service was so good that this is the least I can do. Got a slot late in the night, I don't drive, so she came to pick me up, to me this was really a big deal, where to find this kind of service, she bring the service to you, instead of you going to her.

she easily broke the ice by chatting with me, after cleaning me up, the action began, her bbbj was really fantastic, lots of variation, slurping, deepthroat, she really knows her stuff, it was so good that I decided to get a second shot after I cummed in her mouth.

After the first shot, she asked me to relax and we began chatting again, it was like talking to a friend, we can talk about anything under the sun. Minutes later, it was time to get the 2nd round on the way, at first I thought, there is no way she can top the first shot, but surprise surprise, she blew me away again.. after I cummed, she clean me up and we step out of the car to get some fresh air and continue chatting.

Went home a really happy man, money well spent. Bros out there, please treat her well.

Polar.Bear;17739492 said:
Look no further if you want a very very very shiok bbbj experience.

Claire is patient in breaking ice with you if you're a first timer & shy. :p She can talk cock or birds with you anything under the sun. Totally non commercial but as a friend - she will make you feel at ease.

I would say her hygiene level is NEA standard, will never go wrong with it.

Tried hot & cold without any experience & she definitely blew it all way. No pun intended. Both are equally sensational on top of her skill.

I can finally understand why she's the legendary bbbj queen. Those curious & have been holding off, you really have to try to know it.

Remember her skills matters.

Thanks For Support Bro!!


Blackhand;17793485 said:
I owe her a FR since I was the first to try her Waxing service package months ago

I will not go into the details of her main course as she had top my every experience whenever I visit her so far.....

She was new to waxing specifically, but was very accommodating and always checking if temperature is bearable, need a break, etc. It shows a maternal side of her in a way... hahaha
Anyway I opt-ed not to have the full Brazilian, but just the side and the shaft clean and she did a great job for a newbie then.

Still the no.1 choice if you want a good service by a local!

Regnad;17804066 said:
Claire is very patient in breaking ice with you regardless if your are shy or don't talk much kinda person. Warming you up is at her fingertips, i could say she is the legendary BBBJ/CIM queen who you will never give a miss if you haven't try her out. :p

Thru my experience on BBBJ/CIM some gals normally use more on hand rather than mouth which usually confuse me :confused: whether do i opt for handjob or BJ ;) I believe those bro we like the sensation of BJ will get what i mean. :D

I had opt for Incall 2 shot after viewing many bro good review and was very lucky to get her on the day itself without having to wait a few days. Overall it was a mind blowing 2 x BBBJ/CIM off loaded all my army dry on that day. Will return to try tarma session when get vitamins back! :cool:

pinkelf;17908193 said:
I thought that I would give a long overdue FR for Claire. She is the first FL that I have gone for repeat sessions with.

Claire is an absolute gem - she's attentive, easy to get along with, beautiful, and makes you feel well at ease. I can safely say that I'm not always comfortable with FLs, since I'm kind of awkward, but she definitely makes me feel as though I'm right at home with a GF.

It's easy to get in touch with her, because her replies are fairly quick, even though she's busy. I didn't even confirm the appointment with her and she was already on the way to my place. She picked me up in her spacious car, drove like a real pro up the multistorey carpark and found a safe space to do the deed.

Once there, she asked me to pull down my shorts so she could pay attention to my didi, who was craving attention already at that point. After rolling up her shirt to reveal her gorgeous B cups, she cleaned me up (really nice that she pays attention to hygiene), and even teased my head a bit whilst cleaning me.

Suffice to say that her BJ is the best I have experienced in this dome. She alternates between fast and slow, licking and sucking, paying attention to the head and shaft, and wrapping her lips around my cock to deepthroat me. I know I'm not the biggest around, but damn she can suck. It really didn't take me long to unload all my sperm into her mouth and she was more than eager to keep them in there for a while.

She doesn't swallow, but who gives a shit when you feel so damn good. Will definitely be a repeat customer for a long time to cum ;)

Thank you Claire, for my wonderful experiences. Can't wait to see you again :)

binster;17918982 said:
Just met up with claire for cardate. First time doing cardate and the experience is awesome with claire. She break the ice easily and i would say she got the most sweetest smile i encounter with others. I love her island wide service as shes the only one that drive to your place for the deed.
Bbbj wise was good and awesome with all the licking and ticklish action. My 2ic wasnt on attention due to first time doing outdoor in open area but Claire manage to get it to full attention. Very hardworking bbbj queen without using any hand thru out the whole session. CIM was shiok and true enough, she didnt pull out after i eject and suck till my last drop of army is out.

Bbbj 9/10 (1 point for next meeting with her )

Will def find her again for another bbbj soon!

naugh;17953311 said:
Just had a session with Claire. Had been trying to book her for a few days (due to my horrible work scedule) , finally managed to book a slot with her ( thanks Claire!)

Went on board her car, and gosh she can really drive fast and hard. The car was nice, spacious and well maintained ! Went on with the deed , Claire spared no effort in ensuring that you truly are enjoying yourself and is extremely hard working!

Would highly recommend!

koalapoke;18036935 said:
Feeling adventurous today and knowing I might not get a date with her despite my third attempt at it, I decided to go ahead and try my luck. The urge to keep checking for a response on the phone is strong and with every check, disappointment builds. Up to the point where I feel like I should just pretend that nothing happened and life goes on, I received a hi.

Fast forwarding, I dressed up just a little as I’d love to think of it as a date(given it’s called a car date) and we will be doing something advantageous together excites me.

P.S she commented I’m cute (not sure if that’s a compliment)

Meet up was smooth, I took the back seat as she directed with ice Milo for her. She easily broke the ice with me while she drove to a nearby MSCP concurrently. She’s chatty and definitely gives the GFE which I’m all about.
We checked out our first spot but switched to another after deciding that it could be better. I appreciate her experience sharing on location and her instructions after we settled at a dark and perfect spot. Although it’s early and from time to time there will be some cars driving up, it only added more excitement to the night.

Not sharing too much on the deed as many bros has accurately shared.
Her skills is TOP notch with slurping and deepthroating with both fast and slow twisting and licking variations while I fondled with her firm boobs (I really like them tbh). She would also lightly touch and tickle your back/torso/ears while she’s at it. CIM was perfect with sensual deepthroating until every drop is drained.

I’m looking forward to my next adventure with Clarie and it will be from a different angle as she suggested

Tonight is a good night because of you.
Gentlemen, please treat her well because she will, for you.