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Article Is Love Necessary for Great Sex?



Some people are certain that sex should be great and ground-shaking, if there's true love. This isn't true. Such people are unable to distinguish between sex and love. Let's take a look at some common traits, fears and convictions of people who cannot distinguish between love and sexuality.

Some believe that sexuality and love are one and the same thing
People who equate sexuality and love and narrow true love to finding their ideal sexual partner are just as miserable as those who have chronic feelings of loneliness and lack of love, which brings them to the point when they constantly change their sexual partners. Sexual act alone gives them the feeling of acceptance and love, but they must soon face their loneliness again, until they find a new partner.

An ideal sexual partner?
A person may find an ideal sexual partner, have a great sex life with them and speak of true love, even though they don't get along in many other areas of life. They both believe that great sex is a sign of true love and are absolutely sure that they are in love, despite all their differences.

Some couples break up because of their bad sex life
Many people break up their relationships due to the decrease in the quality, intensity and frequency of their sexual intimacy, since they equal sexuality and love, and they simply think that there is no love between them anymore.

But it is wrong to equate love and sexuality. There is a connection between them, but they can still exist one without the other. Partners can have excellent sex life without love, and vice versa, deep true love can exist without great sex.

Sexuality is a skill and needs a lot of practice. Love is quite the opposite - you cannot learn how to feel it! What will be the deciding factor when you start a new relationship - love, sexuality or something else? Well, that depends entirely on you.


I find it not necessary to have love but some level of feelings (or even relationship) is needed.

Thanks for sharing.


Sex and love are not exactly identical. The ideal is for your loved one to also be your sex partner. But real life is often less than ideal. And sometimes, even if your loved one is your sex partner, the sex might not be so great.

Is it possible to have great sex with a stranger? Definitely, if one is lucky to hit it off with someone who just happens to be sexually compatible. And even if the two persons have just met, the sex could be heavenly, though of cos, this is not necessarily the case.

Love often leads to sex. But sometimes, sex can also lead to love. This is because during sex, hormones are released which naturally tend for people to develop feelings for one another. Such feelings may or may not last.