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Q & A How to attract the ideal woman



Read what you can do to attract beautiful and interesting people, possible ideal partners

"Why can’t I have the ideal woman?"
There’s no one that I know who wouldn’t wonder how to attract the ideal partner. How can you find that person that suits you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Does this creature even exist?

Each relationship is a mirror (this means that your partner is supposedly a projection of our own characteristics, which means that the opinion that opposites attract is wrong) and a door. The best way to attract your ideal partner is by developing your own personality and by creating a deeper relationship with yourself. Find new ways of giving and getting closer to other people. Similar people are attracted to one another...

Simple recipe: Help others!
If you confidently do work that eases the pain of others, than you emanate the highest degree of magnetism. You will attract beautiful people (perhaps even those with a lot of sex appeal) and the chances of finding the ideal partner for some great romance or so-called “tantra” (sexual mysticism) will increase.

What can you do?
Make sure of personal growth
Do something for your personal growth every day. For example, start doing yoga, meditation, journalism, exercising. The list of activities is huge nowadays, the only thing missing is the right motivation. The key ingredient for allure, sexual balance and all the things that belong into “being happy and wacky” is to start resolving your emotional inhibitions. Unconditional love (for yourself and others) is a goal that’s very hard to reach, but the journey is that much nobler.

In this way, you supposedly grow as a person and meet other people. The result depends on your motivation. It may sound unusual, but if you’re only doing this to have relations, others will sense this and turn away from you. But if you add creativity and some wordplay, it will be noticed.

Keep moving!
Experts have determined some time ago that the least natural thing we do is... sitting. Sitting is killing us, it’s also killing our sexual drive. Therefore, exercise is recommendable to strengthen your sexual organs and the pelvic area.

Become lively!
These exercises that have high value and are done every day promise that you will become a lively, happy and attractive person. The formula is very simple. To attract a relaxed, happy, attractive and a sexually curious person into your life and keep her, you must convince her that you’re like this yourself, or it’s even recommendable that you really are like this.

Find the reasons in yourself!
We don’t analyse ourselves enough and look for reasons for our dissatisfaction elsewhere. To make intercourse, sexuality and everything involved with being more delicious, you must realize that the person that’s been missing all your life is yourself.