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Great Bonks (STRICTLY for advertiser gal only) - Thai Lady


A simple fr for this beautiful lady from Thailand

Soda (SweetThai)

Look-8/10 she look slim and small build 1.6m.

Boobs-8/10 hard and solid and fit. No fat found

BBBJ-8/10 good suck strength and deep throat

FJ-8/10 can feel tight and deep penetration.I do her missionary position till cum.

Overall-7/10 a nice fuck

Boobs lover, own time own target carry on.

She leaving soon. You regret if you miss it.


Soda From Sweet thai

Looks: same as in the advertisement as above. she is not a stunner type but sweet and simple looking type that grows on you.

Body: Slim and tight, no fats at all on her taut frame.

Boobs: Decent sized B. Nonetheless, they are delightful to play with. Nipples are already erect and responsive to my teasings

Pussy/Painting: No smell and i use tongue to flick around her clit and I just lapped it all up. Yum! Nice and wet!

BBBJ: I took the BBBJ package as more feel for that. Slowing taking her time to give my cock a good lashing in between keep going up and down and sucking my balls.

FJ: Great moaning and accommodating with lot of position. Can feel the tension and tightness of the pussy.

Attitude: Not a time watcher, sweet and friendly with lot of GFE

Thanks bro donut for arrangement


Soda Sweethai

Look: same as in pics

Body: petite small size, no baby damage or under the knife before.

Boob: got b and fit her frame nicely

Fj : natural wet and accommodate to all position her shy soft moan make it super turn on

Bbbj: aggressive and powerful with great suction

Can speak basic eng no problem in communication

Good attitude. Hardworking and go all the way to serve you. No rush

Make every cents worth it.



I shall not go too much of the details but below was what I've experienced.

Looks: 8/10 quite close to photo with sweet and attractive face, even without makeup.

Body: 7/10 petite and slim with some tattoo at the back, waist and shoulder area

Painting: 8/10 pussy hair was trimmed with no smell, tight and well and she shiver as i paint deeper

Boobs: 9/10 enhanced C and nipple nice to suck

BBBJ: 8/10 Hardworking, blow very long and blow well with suction and good tension

French: 8/10 she don't hold back.

Fj: 8/10 Willing to serve, tried a few position and no complaint at all

GFE: 8/10 Very friendly and lovely lady. How I wish I can bring her out for dinner date.

Comms: 8/10 Can understand simple English.

Overall: 8/10 very happy and satisfy.

Thanks bro SK for introducing Minny.


SweetThai said:
Contact Us & Make your Bookings Now!

Read a lot of review about her.

Whatapp sweet thai to make booking.

Looks - 8/10. Same as in her ad. Cute and sexy type. She is in her mid or late 20s.
Boobs - 8/10. B or A cups and natural, fit her petite size well
Body - 8/10 peitie with slim body and perky butt
BBBJ- 7.5/10 slow and steady with very good suction and motion control
Painting: 8.5/10: Did not resist, moaned softly and doesn't smell. trimmed pussy with no smell.
FJ: 9/10 We did missionary and some riding although I was afraid of the bed crashing and I really took my time to cum. pussy was tight and super wet
GFE - 9/10 - Friendly and accommodating, she was great and skillful in bed.

Thanks bro donut for the arrangement.


Well-known member
FR for Soda

Group: Sweet thai
Location: Apt room
Looks: 8/10 same as photos more to milfy look
Boobs: 8/10 enhance C
Body: 9/10 good figure, very smooth skin
French: 9/10 good kisser and lock lips
BBBJ: 9/10 fantastic ! Know how to treat your cock well
FJ: 10/10 try multiple positions, tight and enjoyable sessions-
Attitude: 9/10 Friendly and nice to chat with - her smile can really melt your heart!
GFE: 8/10 - just like your GF - cuddle you and no rushing
RTF: Yes - already fixed my next date with her

Damage: as stated

Please treat her nice and gentle - you will be rewarded with good sex


Soda Sweethai

Looks: 8/10. Same face as photo
Boobs: 8/10. soft and natural, very nice to grab.
Body: 9/10. slim with nice curve and very sexy
BBBJ: 9/10. One of the best I had, skillful use of tongue, swirl and twirl on my dickhead like a pro, the feeling was awesome
FJ: 7/10. Tried cowgirl, doggy, missionary. Quite tight and juicy.
GFE: 8/10. Nice GFE, many kiss and hugs.

Overall she is a nice lady to have a good time with.

Thanks Bro Donut


Soda sweethai

My first thai here

Looks: 9 nice looking with long hair
Body: 9 slim,petite with sexy body with sexy thighs and sexy butt
Boobs: 9 natural for touching and sucking
BBBJ: 9 skillful, slow and deep with lot of suction with deepthroat
FJ: 9 try a few pattern, missionary, riding and finish of with doggie
Attitude: 9 patient and hardworking, no complaint
GFE: 9 high as feel like making love with gf

She surely know how to treat and coax a man well. Please treat her well.

Feel the place a happy man.

Mr Peacemaker

Evian from theregentlust

Once I reach, give instruction to go up. First look, she was thin and
petite with long hair. we proceed to bath together and later on the bed
started BBBJ , her bbbj was smooth and steady and she gave me a long deep blow for 10 mins follow by hot and wild bf and gf style of frenching.

Start to ride me and then change to missionary and i shoot after a while.

Look : 9/10 (Bitchy with Long Hair)
Body: 9/10 (petite, small,slim and light)
Service : 9/10 (very good )
Boob : 9/10 (Big, nice and shiok)
RTF : Soon ...

Thanks Bro SK that I like it very much

Pls Take care her of her


FR for Soda Sweet Thai

Looks: 8/10
Bitchy and horny thai tanned look.
Typical tanned thai look. Sweet and beautiful lady with smooth skin and small, firm and perky boobs (B cup). Just like what was shown in the pics

BBBJ: 8/10
Strong and powerful, less tongue, more mouth. Really feels like a mouth fuck rather than a tease. Very hard working also. Non-stop sucking and licks all over shaft and balls

Painting: 9/10.
Her pussy was delicious and when teased and aroused properly by my tongue and lips, her juices flowed out. Make her O twice and she was damn happy

FJ: 9/10
I tried missionary and cowgirl, I like her moan, can feel her moan is real.

GFE - 9/10
Lots of cuddling in bed and frenching. Awesome GFE! She even grinded her pussy on my bare cock after catbath and BBBJ.

Overall: 9/10
RTF: I would love to! Her cheeky,bitchy, smiley and vixen face and slim body is to die for!

Thanks bro Donut for arrangement.
Had a sexssion earlier with Soda from Sweethai

Kudos to bro Ok. Professional and steady. Quick to reply to message.

Location is central

Look 90% to pic. Abit of thai tan.

Slim body. No fats at all.

Boobs is enhanced C cup

Like what other bro said her bbbj is really good. Will lick suck your shaft and balls. Suction also power. As I like her bbbj, I asked her to continue doing it and also tried my luck whether she will swallow. She said Ok for a price and deal on. Even after I shot out my army she will still continue sucking it to the last drip and ate it all up.

Her tongue fight is good and will also auto stick it into your mouth.

As I was tired from a long day I just wanted to enjoy her bbbj so didn't try her love hole but I suppose it should be good if her foreplay is an indicator.

Gfe is top notch and can talk about anything. Pretty open to sharing her life stories. Apparently she is making a shortlist of places to go for food to try lol. This gal is a gem and worth a visit. Glad I listened to bro donut


Rose Sweethai

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1078x738.

Looks: 7/10 pretty and cute that you will not reject
Body: 7/10 small size with short hair
Boobs: 7/10 small and natural and soft to the touch
Pussy: 9/10 trimmed,tight and beautifully shaped.
BBBJ: 10/10 Took in my whole shaft with minimal efforts. Lick and suck my balls with vigour.
FJ: 10/10 She rocked me for her own pleasure. Simply not her match at all. Dusted by her with in one hour.
GFE: 10/10 Totally no commercial feel, really hard to leave her when i had to.
RTF: waiting for S11 to recharged.

Thanks bro donut


Name 名字 : Rose

挂网 : https://laksaboy.store/threads/💋sweetthai🇹🇭-presents-🌹-rose-🌹-sweet-irresistible-symbol-of-love💕❤️🧡.43794/#post-256625

Looks 样貌 : 7 (consider MILF but still nice looking)

Location 环境 : central area

Body 身材 : 8/10 (petite and small size with short hair)

Headlight 胸部 : 8/10 (small and nice size)

BBBJ 无套口交 : 8/10 (suck and put inside mouth very long and playing with it with her tounges)

Catbath 全身漫游 : 8/10 (very sensual, ticklish and shiok)

Painting 舔鲍鱼 : 8/10 (trimmed, nice with no smell)

FJ 有套爱爱: 8/10( tight and wet feel with great moan)

GFE 女友感: 8/10 (high with lot of frenching and hugging)

Overall Experience 整体 : 8/10 (shiok and feel like fucking girlfriend)

Remarks (if any) 评语: Service wise no dispute



Reya Sweet thai

OKT : 7/10 responsive, timing all very nice and no need wait long

Looks: 7/10 (not bad looking, seductive that compliment to her for maintaining well)

Body: 8/10 (slim and petite with fair and smooth skin )

Boobs: 8/10 (natual busty type)

Frenching 9/10 (Passionate Frencher)

Pussy: 8.5/10 (tight with no smell)

BBBj : 9/10 (Deep Throat With Good Stamina Skills)

FJ: 9/10 (She really enjoy it as much as u do, tried missionary saddle and spoon & lastly doggie)

GFE: 9/10 (Not Rushy & Not A Time Watcher)

Thank Bro Donut for the Arrangement , Making A Slot Is Easy & Prompt Reply !

RTF: y not


Nicha SweetThai

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1123x1716.

Profile Link: https://sweetthaisg.weebly.com/
Web link: https://laksaboy.store/threads/💋sweetthai🇹🇭-presents-💎-nicha-💎-glamorous-sexy-queen-💜❤️.44062/

-Similar to photo, consider SYT
-Petite and curve & tattoo body with a small natural boobs and shaven pussy
-BBBJ was powerful with slurping sound and play with the cock when inside mouth
-Accommodating and willing to try different position during FJ
-Warm, wild and wet frenching that both of us enjoy like a hot couple
-A small pussy that was wet, tight and clean with no smell
-French and lick her till gao gao
-Willing to please and hardworking attitude with no complaints

I left the place a satisfy and happy man.

I would recommend her if u want a high gfe.

I would like to thank bro donut for the arrangement.



Rainy TheRengentLust

As usual, drive OC for appointment and have to wait for her so i can go for a quick one.

Here is my Fr on her

Look: gorgeous then photo, young, tanned, petite and sexy
Attitude: friendly and hardworking
Boobs: natural not big or small, just nice
Body: nice curve with nice ass suitable for doggy
Frenchng: natural born frencher, very good
BBBJ: BBBJ in 69 with nice suction and sexy, will look at you while bbbj u
Pussy: trimmed with no smell
Sex: Nice moan with continuing frenching
GFE: very clingy but i like.Entire session treat you like bf.
FJ: tight and wet and small pussy to rock with finish in doggy.
RTF - Yes

Chatty, friendly and nice lady.

Once again thanks bro SK.


Well-known member

Rainy (TheRegentLust)

OKT: Friendly and humble guy
Looks: 8.5/10, SYT school gal type
Body: 9/10, slim and petite with no excess fats around body, no tattoo.
Boobs: 8.5/10, C natural and soft boobs. nice to grab
Skin tone:9/10 thai tan
BBBJ: 9/10 slow and sensual with lot of suction and slurping sound.Know how to suck and lick well. A cock sucker. she will keep on going if never ask to stop
Painting: 9/10 trimmed with no smell, super tight and let out sexy moan
FJ: 8.5/10, love her wetness, and she is very tight.. she was quite a good rider.
GFE: 10/10 lot of hugging and feel like fucking gf
Attitude: 10/10 harworking and will go all the way, willing to please

Overall nice session.

Hardworking lady and thanks bro SK