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Great Bonks - Other nationality



I had Adia yesterday for first blood at 12noon.

Everyone reading here, I guarantee you will love Adia.

As soon as i only, a sexy little kitten welcomed me in a nice short sexy black dress.

Adia itself is an absolute gem. She look like what was shown in the pics and she wear a nice smile, have a unbelievably soft lips for kissing and loves to use them!!! A killer body with perky ass. Boobs were natural B which fit her fit body and is good enough to caress and suck on. She has sexy long legs for her height. Her skin is smooth and silky with no tattoes but have stomach piercing.

Her english was not too good but still able to hold a conversation well and make it easy for ice-breaking. After ice breaking, she get touchy and start to perform a strip me to seduce me. Piece by piece she strip me and then we proceed to shower. It was so sexy.

She perform a very detail inspection during shower at my tool and commented it was nice, firm and the right size for her. I start touch her from behind, we french like no tomorrow then she gave me a bbbj with water running down.Her eye keep look at me, slowly lick my dick, wow. The way she look really feel like rape her anytime.

Got on the bed, we start the foreplay. It was damn wild. She start stroking me and licking all over my body accompany with passionate frenching. The feeling was like girlfriend feel. She proceed down south to blow me.

She lick and suck every part of my dick throughly. The BBBJ come with a lot of suction, grip, slurping and popping effect. I mouthfuck her with deepthroating. She gave me a hell good 10 min deepthroat before I procceed for my painting session.

Her pussy was shaven. It was simply too delicious with no smell. I spread her pussy wild and use my tongue and lips to tease and arouse her. I could see her juice flowing out and i send her siren moaning and to climax with my paint that she ask me to fuck her.

She capped me and we started off in cowgirl. She locked her legs with mine when riding which was a turn on. We then switch to missionary and i french intensively while i pound her in a fast speed deeply. She was moaning with enjoyment. Sensing that i was about to cum, i pull out my cock and remove the condom.

I mouth fuck her and deep throat her almost choking her. I push my cock hard and deep into her mouth. In no time, I bust all my sperm out and I still hold on to her head and don’t let go and spread every splash of my sperm to her mouth nose and face creating a mess out of her till she summit and push me again then I remove my cock from her mouth and she rush into the toilet to wash out.

I rest n relax for a short while and she gave me a short massage before i proceed to shower.

The service was fantastic.I credit for her service oriented. She was friendly, chatty and patient. She was hardworking, patient and accommodating.

A big thanks to SNS for the trust again for giving me the trust for my second first blood with them.