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Crazy Rich Asians premiere: Warner Bros says 'extreme heat' caused Singapore logo let


Crazy Rich Asians premiere: Warner Bros says 'extreme heat' caused Singapore logo let


SINGAPORE: While Singaporean actors took to the red carpet for the Crazy Rich Asians movie premiere on Wednesday (Aug 8), eagle-eyed netizens spotted errors in photos of the Singapore tourism logo printed on the event backdrop.
[h=3]READ: Singaporeans swarm the red carpet at Crazy Rich Asians premiere in Los Angeles[/h] AdvertisementThe apparent typos made "Singapore" look like it was spelled with a "c" instead of a "g" and the country's tourism tagline Passion Made Possible look like it was missing a letter.

In a statement on Friday (Aug 10), a Warner Brothers spokesperson attributed the incident to "extreme heat" which caused the lettering to melt.
"The Los Angeles premiere of Warner Brothers Pictures’ Crazy Rich Asians was a celebration of both the film and the beauty and excitement of Singapore," said the spokesperson.
"Unfortunately, due to extreme heat that day, some of the lettering on our red carpet wall melted after the event commenced and, in some photography, Singapore appears to be misspelled."

AdvertisementAdvertisement"We sincerely apologise for any distress or embarrassment this may have caused," the spokesperson added.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said that it had inspected the logo before the event started.
"Prior to the official start of the premiere, STB had inspected and ensured the accuracy of our Passion Made Possible logo on the numerous event backdrop panels," said Ms Kershing Goh, Regional Director, STB Americas. "In line with the protocol of movie premieres, the working team was then asked to clear the red carpet prior to the arrival of the cast."
"It is most unfortunate that some time during the red carpet, part of the lettering of our logo on one of the panels must have fallen off."
[embedded content]
Netizens took to social media to point out the mistakes on the logo.
"That's terrible," wrote Facebook user Jerome Awasthi, while another Facebook user Cher Lim said it was "unacceptable".
"That's why a good editor isn't dispensable," wrote Facebook user Wei Lim.
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