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Thai Chilling place in BKK


Veteran Samster

Sabb Bar & Restaurant​

Address: Siriphat Salaya 55, 73170 Nakohn Pathom
Contact: 099-420-7330


Sabb Bar & Restaurant is located on Salaya 55. The venue featured live music and distinct decorations throughout the premise. The menu offers a good selection of mostly Thai dishes. Their signature drinks come in different flavors and in the form of a large bucket.


Veteran Samster

Flavour Factor​


Flavour Factor is located in a Warehouse on Sukhumvit Soi 26. The venue features a spacious industrial design with love for details. The menu offers a wide variety of western and thai food.

Sukhumvit 26, 10110 Bangkok


Veteran Samster

Palate Bar​


Palate Bar is located on North Sathorn road and spans over several floors of an old town house with a beautiful rooftop area.

North Sathon Road, Silom, 10500 Bangkok

02-630-9001, 086-342-6626


Veteran Samster

Tep Bar​


The latest addition to Chinatown’s new-wave bar scene has a rooftop overlooking the Old Town and a line of home-infused ya-dong.

Located in the crumbling streets of the up-and-coming Charoenkrung area, this restored shop-house has plenty of raw appeal, emphasized with mood lighting and simple wooden tables. Here, you'll find potent cocktails mixed with Thai fruits, herbs and spices. There's also a good line of home-infused ya dong (Thai herbal whiskey) as well as a kitchen specializing in Thai tapas (as well as a few classics like pad Thai). Come nightfall, enjoy your meal while Thai musicians take the stage to play traditional music from the Central region.

Tep Bar is a small establishment tucked away in Yaowarat. Its creative concept combines traditional Thai style and vibrant nightlife vibes with the use of Thailand's Golden Age aesthetics. The choice can be seen through elements in Tep Bar's decor such as cushions, klong yao drums, and wooden tables.

Another essential of Tap Bar is the food and drinks, which are mainly Thai menus. For the cocktails, the bar chooses Thai herbs as the main ingredients, while also using rice and other kinds of grains to enhance the flavor.

To top it all off, the live bands at Tep Bar incorporate Thai instruments in their routines. On Friday - Sunday, you'll get to enjoy Thai traditional music played by many talented crews.

Address: 69, 71 Yi Sip Song Karakadakhom 4 Alley, Pom Prap, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Phone: +66 98 467 2944
Open daily 1800- 0100.



Veteran Samster

Pijiu Bar​

Address: 16 ซอย นานา Pom Prap, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Operating Hour: 18.00 - 24.00 on Tuesday-Sunday.
Phone: +66 95 660 2636


Chinatown gets the retro beer bar it's been waiting for.

Soi Nana, the increasingly hip strip of shop-houses on the fringes of Chinatown, has welcomed a craft beer bar that lives up to its retro surroundings.
All dark woods, vintage signage and spare lighting, Pijiu Bar looks remarkably like an old-school Chinese hotel lobby—albeit one that swings to the sounds of upbeat piano jazz. A big glass window at the front lets you survey the street scene while downing an eclectic range of brews.
The bar counts past and present management of craft beer importer Beervana among its partners, which results in beer prices just a tad south of what you usually pay.
There are five rotating taps, which on our visit included Deschutes' Fresh Squeezed IPA, the super-refreshing Los Locos Mexican lager and Tuatara Weiz Guy Hefeweizen (priced B260-290/500ml or from B200 during 6-8:30pm happy hours).
A packed fridge showcases by far the most diverse selection of bottles in this neck of the woods, from local names like Happy New Beer (from B220) to esoteric offerings like Founders' Lizard of Koz (a rich stout that's a dessert-like mix of blueberries, chocolate and vanilla aged in bourbon barrels, B750 for 750ml).
Drinking snacks are in the works—think Chinese cold cut platters, Sichuan chicken knuckles and perhaps even some dried goat meat—while the upstairs room that's reached by a narrow wooden staircase will soon launch as a more private dining space.

“Pijiu” is mandarin for beer and this new hole-in-the-wall is indeed becoming known for that. This craft beer bar has five rotating taps to keep things interesting. The simple vintage décor, including the espresso wooden tables and stools, staircase, and a carved bench with mother-of-pearl embedment, is a clear throwback to the interiors of Chinatown’s shophouses in days of yore. Muse over which beer you will try out this time and be sure to order the snack – Chinese cold cuts set this place apart. In a short time, this bar has managed to rank itself amongst the more popular watering holes in the ever-evolving Soi Nana.

Píjiǔ Bar looks and feels like a Chinese tavern with is simplistic yet detailed decor. Every element, from the vintage beer posters, antique lamps & phones, wooden table sets to the handwritten menu in red ink, spells nostalgia.

At any given time, there are 7 taps of craft beers and over 60 options of lagers, ales, IPAs, and ciders available; the drink menu frequently rotates to introduce new flavors. On the food side, you can get Chinese snacks such as 'Chinatown Cold Cut' - a platter of Yaowarat's smoked ducks, smoked pork, crispy pork chips, and Chinese sausages.

Enjoy your food & drink while relaxing international jazz plays in the background.


Veteran Samster


Address: QFHF+RXF, Arun Amarin, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700, Thailand
Operating hour: 5pm to 1am daily. Close on monday
Phone: +66 92 945 1542


109MHz is a pub and restaurant located on the ground floor of The Sense Pinklao. The venue offers a wide range of western and Thai cuisine.

109MHz BKK: Eat, Drink, Sit, Chill, Feel Good, live music 7 days in 7 styles at 109MHz. Suitable place for hosting a party and all kinds of banquets

Shop 109MHz BKK, they have set Delivery 3 in 1, want to keep all three of you. It comes in a box as big as a pizza box for only 299฿. There are 3 menus: Beef tendon rice, chilli basil, galangal rice, pork leg rice and Kowloon chicken rice. This set is suitable for 3 people. 🐮 Kao Kao Kao Kao Kao Kao Kao (Kaprao) and galangal - this menu is my favourite. The taste is spicy and savory to the liking of spicy eaters. And also have crispy fried basil leaves to eat as well 🐷 Khao Kho... อ่านต่อได้ที่ https://www.wongnai.com/restaurants/302082vU-109mhz-bkk-pinklao?ref=ct


Veteran Samster

20Something Bar​


Soi 9 Khlong Lamchiak 8, 10230 Bangkok


Opening daily from 7pm to 2am.

20SOMETHING BAR is a long-standing, laid-back, open-air live music pub, which frequently hosts concerts with well-known live bands. The menu features beers, spirits, as well as popular Thai snacks.

Good place to hangout. Local Club , Good must try Drink Drank Drunk!!!


Veteran Samster

3Days 2Nights Bar​

Address: Lad Prao Wanghin Rd, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 099-469-8469
Open daily from 17:00 to 02:00.


3 Days 2 Nights Rama 5 is a restaurant and bar located on the Rama 5 Road in Nonthaburi. Inside, you’ll run into the cozy laid-back vibes of the outer section lined with sofas and benches while keeping things cool in the atmosphere with a decorative fountain in the middle of the venue. Further inside you’ll find the pub section reserved for EDM lovers and party animals of the night.

In terms of food, the kitchen offers an extensive menu of both Thai and international dishes as well as a drinks list that’ll keep you feeling refreshed through the night. If you’re a fan of beer, be sure to get hold of a pitcher of one of their local or international draughts on tap. Throw in a live band with some of your favorite songs and you’ve got yourself a night to remember.

The normal 3 days 2 nights restaurant is average. However, behind the restaurant is another place that close 6am daily. A good place to chill after RCA closes.


Veteran Samster

Root Bar​

Root Bar is a secret bar located in the Lat Phrao-Phahonyothin area and features a beautiful interior design. As the name suggests the venue is covered in tree roots around the bar area spiked with a gorgeous light installation. It's the perfect spot to take some unique pics.

Root Bar offers a wide selection of beautifully served handcrafted cocktails, decorated with flowers. The bartender can also mix a drink according to your taste, so don’t be afraid to ask for something special.

Tree roots literally creep down the walls and along the bar at this compact Ladprao bar. Even more intriguing is the menuless service. To get a drink, just tell the barman how you feel and what you like and they'll come up with a drink for you.


1130 Phahonyothin road, 10900 Bangkok

Opening hours:19:00-00:00



Veteran Samster

BlueMoon25G Bar & Restaurant​

Address: 88 Khlong Lam Chiak Rd, Nawamin, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
Phone: +66 89 928 2821
Operation Hour: 1630 to 0030 daily. Close on sunday.


Amazing place especially if you love cars and bikes and anything vintage. Fascinating experience. Every corner holds a surprise. I love the giant Monster Inc statues. Have fun spotting them. Good food especially the pastas. Great place to hang out with friends.

This is a stunning restaurant, both in terms of decor and food. The restaurant is part of a complex which includes a "car hotel" where super-cars are kept in air-conditioned comfort to maintain their value, and a super-car detailing center. The owners are car aficionados, and at any time you will see some amazing machinery parked in the detailing center.

But let's move on to the restaurant, known as Blue Moon (the "25G" applies to the whole complex, and is a weird name that could do with a revision! The restaurant is clearly marked as Blue Moon, much more memorable). Now it gets really special. The interior has a car/boys toys theme, but in real terms it's just an amazing collection of "stuff" the owners have collected from around the world. Ancient doors imported from overseas, giant bronze cicada art-deco lights, working pinball machines, a bunch of classic Porsche cars in one of the dining rooms, a couple of pool tables, classic bicycles on the wall, stunning paintings, there is no end to the "wows" as you look closely at the contents of this restaurant, on the walls, ceiling, in the many small private dining areas.

And then, the food. They have one of the best chefs in Bangkok, and a menu which ranges from great local Thai dishes, to Italian pasta cooked 'al dente' every time, to classic dishes like rosemary lamb chops. Every dish comes out of the kitchen perfectly balanced with flavors and generous portions - I've been pleasantly amazed at the consistency of their food, and lately I'm eating there often. The drink menu is plentiful with beers and cocktails, though they do need a bit of work done on the wine list, almost non-existent with just one choice of red wine. And if that isn't enough, they play the best collection of retro 70s/80s/90s music you've ever heard. Nothing but classics!

All in all, highly recommended, even if you have to drive a bit to get there. It's right behind "4Dinner" in a soi off Pradit Manutham Road, which runs parallel to and underneath the Ram Intra (Chalong Rat) expressway, city side of Lad Prao Road.


Veteran Samster

The QUAD Ekkamai​

Address: อยู่ในโครงการ Ekkamai Shopping Mall Charoen Mit Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Phone: +66 64 452 6636
Operating Hour: 6pm to 2am Daily.


As perfect as being in Seoul, The Quad Ekkamai is ready to serve the atmosphere and taste of authentic Korean food right in the middle of the city.​

Being in Thailand, who wouldn't be able to enjoy the atmosphere of South Korea? Scratching line. Get ready. Now open for service! with pubs and bars which is ready to open a world of fun according to the steps of Dan Kimchi, exactly It's like bringing Seoul to the middle of the city!

The Quad Ekkamai is a new pub and bar. with a unique identity like no other! bring the seasoned food according to the original recipe from South Korea and the atmosphere that maintains the unique style of street food to the place

Which would like to guarantee that the shop brings the identity of the Kimchi Dan people exactly Because the owner of the shop is a real South Korean oppa. to meet love with a Thai girlfriend It can be said that Oppa is madly in love with her boyfriend to the point that she has the idea of opening a business in Thailand like The Quad Ekkamai!

Of course, they are genuine Koreans, no less about the concept of the shop. Because it has taken the style of a red tent restaurant like Korean street food called "Pocha"to be an important highlight By elevating it to be more modern and have a style of your own. It can be said that when arriving at the shop, there will definitely be a lot of photos taken back.

In terms of the food menu, it is not inferior. The restaurant has brought an army of Korean dishes to taste in full! along with a wide selection of drink menus Plus, the special menu is DIY Soju that can choose to mix and match the flavors yourself and uniquely!

The main highlight that makes The Quad Ekkamai is a new location that Sai Kao must try. That's what pubs and bars are. There is music for the strings to scratch along with. And the shop also has many fun activities to play. along with rewards for accumulating Coins to exchange for prizes such as mixers, food, drinks and more soju!

The Quad Ekkamai is open for service today from 18.00 - 02.00 hrs. Location of the shop is located in the Ekkamai Shopping Mall project.

Ready for the scratching line to experience Korea's uniqueness here in one place. Guaranteed by authentic Korean oppa Come and support Oppa. Guarantee that it will be extremely fun for sure.


Veteran Samster


254/20-21 Pradipat road, 10400 Bangkok


Operating Hour: 1130am to 12midnight daily.


Barlayyum is beautiful Bar on Pradipat road.

Barlayyum (Barlayyum) is a restaurant full of premium food. Inside the shop, there is a chill atmosphere with music played by a live band. Inviting you to feel very relaxed. Most of the food menu is Thai food with strong flavors made from premium ingredients. If you are looking for a delicious restaurant, good atmosphere, good music, this restaurant is definitely your answer.


Veteran Samster

Status Thonglor​

Address : 139 Sukhumvit Soi 63, Khlong Tan Nuea Subdistrict, Wattana District, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours - closing : everyday 17.00 - 00.00
Phone number: 099 632 3539


Introducing the newly opened Thonglor restaurant. If you are bored, bored, and want to invite your friends to hangout party in a chic way, we recommend Status Thonglor , a new Thonglor restaurant that comes with Cool concept by using the gimmicks of the lights on the table to indicate your status which state you are in. Ready to have fun with music, live music and DJs who will create color and entertainment throughout the night. and delicious, full of food menu and a variety of beverages.

Status Thonglor is located in the heart of Thonglor . Distinctive with a large shop name sign in the front area in eye-catching colors The restaurant is decorated in Korean style. There are neon lights and LED lights decorated in various corners of the shop, looking beautiful, modern, giving a feeling of happiness. and fun It's also a cool photo corner.

The shop has a spacious area. There are tables to choose from both Indoor and Outdoor zones with small gimmicks. is the light color of the table that will indicate your Status which status you are in In order to open up the opportunity to meet new friends, there are 3 colors: red, owner status, blue, complex status, and green is single status.

Ready to enjoy the sound of music, live music and DJs who will play the discs live. listen to it every night Which has both old songs, new songs, both Thai and international. Guaranteed fun all night long


Veteran Samster

Tichuca Rooftop Bar​

Address: T-One Building 8, 46th Floor, Sukhumvit 40 Alley, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Hours: 5PM-12AM (Daily)


New 3-Storey Rooftop Bar In Bangkok With A Jungle-Themed Decor​

The next time when it’s safe to travel, do include Tichuca Rooftop Bar in your bucket list. Besides, it’s a jungle out there and at Tichuca Rooftop Bar, you’re gonna have nothing but a wild time.

While there are many rooftop bars scattered in Bangkok, Tichuca is a new kid on the block that stands out with its jungle theme. It’s located sky high on the 46th floor of T-One building thus it promises a breathtaking view of the city skyline.

Once you step foot into Tichuca Rooftop Bar, you’ll be greeted by a gigantic tree bursting with colours. Then, when you look around, the place dons an-almost Tiki bar vibes with its over-the-bar rattan stools and wooden table.

Tichuca Rooftop Bar consists of 3-storeys, first, the main bar with a gigantic tree then a 2nd storey and 3rd storey that lets you overlook the Bangkok skyline.

The next time when it’s safe to travel, do include Tichuca Rooftop Bar in your bucket list. Besides, it’s a jungle out there and at Tichuca Rooftop Bar, you’re gonna have nothing but a wild time.


Veteran Samster
SuperMax Cocktail & bar


RJGG+8P3, Pradit Manutham Rd, แขวง ลาดพร้าว Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

Contact : +66895066606​

Operating Hour: 5pm to 12midnight daily


This is a fun and chill very long bar right by two lakes in the Huamum night market. They have live music that play mellow Thai and English songs. Their specialty is cocktails but they have beer and food also. The music isn't too loud, but it's a good volume. It's a chill place for relaxing.

Make a chair, rearrange the seat, very pleasant to sit. Sit and chill alone by the water. Very chill. Turn on good music. There is music playing at intervals. Only 100 bottles of beer.

Terrific place to hang out with friends. Good music and live music. The staff is very good and friendly to. The weekend market is a good place to go.


Veteran Samster

Paikanyai Bar​


ซ.ประเสริฐมนูกิจ 33, Nuan Chan Alley,
Bangkok 10240, Thailand
Ph: +66 834474777


A Very Unique Bar in Bangkok, Thailand.​

Paikanyai Bar (Thai: ร้านไปกันใหญ่) is a bar & restaurant located on Nuan Chan Alley in Bangkok, Thailand. Know for its nightlife, this bar also offers delicious mouthwatering food including grilled delicacies. Paikanyai Bar is famous for something else which is not related to food or drink. It is well-known for its beautiful waitresses who make you and your drink more delicious.

Paikanyai Bar’s beautiful waitresses can also join you for drinks, however, there are limitations on what you can do. Even though it’s unclear about your engagement with the pretty girl, it is obvious that you cannot take them with you. Some of the girls who work at Paikanyai Bar are usually Instagram models who maybe work for some extra bucks.

As a customer, you can expect a lot of things from this Bar & Restaurant. The first is the beautiful women’s company you get, and if you are feeling low, these girls will charm you and make you all happy. The next thing is the food, many locals love this place for its amazing bar food which includes seafood and barbeques. They also serve all kinds of liquor including cocktails and chilled beer. Even though Paikanyai Bar is one of the most famous bars and restaurants in Thailand, many tourists are unaware of its existence. Even at this bar and restaurant, you can hardly find any farangs or tourists, but it’s jampacked by locals.

So if you would love to experience something new, I would recommend you to check out Paikanyai Bar and Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.


Veteran Samster



Salil Hotel, 1st Floor, Thonglor Soi 1, 10110 Bangkok


Thaipioka is a tropical cocktail bar located on the 1st floor of Salil Hotel on Thonglor Soi 1, Sukhumvit. It features simple decor, but one that reflects an elegant and modern style. As for seatings, the eye-catching bar counter can seat as many as 20 people, but other zones are available as well.

Thaipioka's original concoctions use seasonal Thai fruits; the creative twists definitely make these cocktails unique and refreshing. Plus, the bar frequently comes up with new items, so even regulars will be pleasantly surprised on every visit.

Thaipioka is open daily between 19.00 - 02.00.


Veteran Samster


Venue Details
Address:Speakerbox, Liberty Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Bangkok,
Opening hours:Wed-Sun 5pm-midnight


Ratchada’s live music hub finds a new home in Thonglor.

The buzz: A live music mecca. What else do you need? The roster of bands is always interesting, and they keep bringing out international acts at the bleeding edge of the underground scene (e.g., The Cavemen). And if you have a band, there's no better place to launch a new EP.
The music: Like what you used to find at the dearly departed Cosmic Cafe—Speakerbox's series have welcomed top bands like Stylish Nonsense and Degaruda, to name a couple.
The food and drinks: The rotating international craft beers will set you back B220, while the local stuff goes for B150 per bottle.
The crowd: Thais and expats with a thirst for underground music and craft beer.