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[21.07.2022] What can you buy with S$0.10 in Singapore? (limited time, limited stock & while stock last only)



Buy a cute pen at S$0.10. As usual this one got no free delivery to your doorstep but you still pay only S$0.10 but need to collect it at a collection point near your address.

Limitation : This one got double limitation. You can only buy 1 & need to self collect at a collection near your given address.

Lookout in this sub-forum with the same name everyday or every other day, i will be sharing S$0.10 item with you guys.

Call me cheapskate if you want but got cheap & good things who don't want? I am just playing my part to share good deals online in the forum.

Enjoy, for those who enjoy shopping.

PS : If you are planning to buy this pen & self collecting, below link is another nice 6 color pen that you can buy TOGETHER at S$0.10 (2 pens at S$0.20) :



Bought both the free delivery & the self collect...lol

Now got lots of free pens to use.