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    China The Sanctuary (Jianguo Lu)

    This place not bad. China is opening up, perhaps may visit this place. Thanks for sharing.
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    Photo/Video Sharing Justin Lee Taiwan series

    This is my all time favorite! Thanks for sharing.
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    China Beijing - 99 Massage and Spa Center

    not a bad place for sure.
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    Photo/Video Sharing Taiwan Model Photo Shoot

    Beautiful girl. Beautiful body too.
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    Article Less Interest in Real Women

    That really depends. Some time fake ones can be better.
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    Photo/Video Sharing Singaporean girl - Sasha Esca

    Nice. But she looks well-used.
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    Article Busty idol Megumi Haruno finally reveals naked breasts, licks own nipples

    Good body shape. Hope to see more of such. Thanks for sharing!
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    Health Care Top 12 Foods for Mens Sexual

    These are good to know. At the least we know that we still need to eat. But eat good.
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    China 桃花.源沐足 - Yuen Massage (Hong Kong)

    Looks cozy. & seems like a hidden place. Cool....
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    Health Care Unpleasant Smell ‘Down There’

    Now, that is good to know. Hoping to look for solutions.
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    Q & A Does Your Love Language Change the Longer You’re in a Relationship?

    Simply put more focus on one another. And not take one another for granted.
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    Article 11 Must-Know Facts About Your Clitoris For Better Sex (Because Knowledge Is Power)

    I'm surprised about a few of those facts. Especially when it is said that a clitoris can get an erection.
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    Article 5 Expert Tricks for Women to Orgasm From Oral Sex

    Nice read up. For me, if the girl feels good, i'll feel good too.
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    Photo/Video Sharing HK RA Movie : 南洋十大邪術

    Old time nice hk movie that is worth watching again. Thanks for sharing.
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    China [China] Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat (Hangzhou Dragon Xixi)

    Looks classy, must try their massage room.