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    Article A Tip on How to Get a Harder Erection

    These are good to know. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Q

    Hi Hi....

    Thank you all buddies... Cheers!
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    Article Male vs. Female Orgasms Which is Better

    Depending on which gender you are at. If i am a male, i'd have said male is better.
  4. Q

    Health Care Chemicals in Food, Chemicals in Water, Chemicals in Our Body

    Chemicals are everywhere today. Even in the air, near a vehicle, smokers...coronavirus? Part of the price to pay for economic growth.
  5. Q

    Health Care A 50-year-old man who heard his penis 'crack' during sex with his wife was diagnosed with 'eggplant deformity'

    Poor guy,hahaha... Actually penis also can make those cracking sound like what one did on their finger's joint too. Need to have techniques though.
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    Article How to Have Fun and Healthy Sex at Any Age

    It is all in the mind. Same goes for all ages.
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    Hi Hi....

    Thank you all. Shall look see 1st before i go into sharing.
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    Article Busty idol Megumi Haruno finally reveals naked breasts, licks own nipples

    This type of article really can make many people drool all over. Thanks for sharing man...
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    ~莎莎~ღ倾城网~高级私坊菜 新车到—初次下海~Ukraine乌克兰美女

    Hi, may i ask what other service would she provide besides just fj? (i'm interested in booking her but not so much interested in fj) Example, does she provide shower together, HJ, massage etc? Not much info on the description i can find here. Thanks.
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    Photo/Video Sharing Vanessa the living doll

    She does have a doll like face.
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    Hi Hi....

    Hi, new here...any1 out there? Thought i'd just drop to say "Hi" first before starting to post... Have a great day!
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    Newbie 1st post...

    Hi hi...just registered & thought i'd try my 1st post here.