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    Article Less Interest in Real Women

    Perfect female bodies in pornography and other film industry lead to unrealistic expectations in connection with real women. It would seem that porn and films in general would make men even hungrier for sex, by presenting almost perfect women. However, research shows that in reality things are...
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    Article A Tip on How to Get a Harder Erection

    Learn a simple trick which will make your orgasm stronger and your penis harder. We have already discussed how a woman can strengthen her vaginal muscles and create the feeling of a tighter vagina. This time we will talk about the hardness of the male sexual organ. We will teach you a simple...
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    Article How to Lower a Man's Sex Drive

    Male hypersexuality can be a problem, especially if you?re single or in a relationship where the other person?s libido is at a different level. Dealing with high libido is somewhat complicated, as there is no single cause for it and it can be difficult to determine a solution. Step 1 Talk to...
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    Article Divine Sex Make Your Partner Beg for More!

    Divine sex move #1 - Pluck the string Technically speaking, this “string” (the frenulum) is a spot where the skin is attached. Men have one on the head of the penis and women on top of the vulva. You will pleasure a woman most with the lower side of the tongue (it is much smoother) on this spot...
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    Article Male vs. Female Orgasms Which is Better

    Sex is a different experience for men and women, but which gender has the best orgasm? At the end of last month, AsapSCIENCE posted a new video to delve into the million-dollar question. Obviously, there are a few core differences between male and female orgasms. For one, female orgasms can...
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    Article How People Look Back On Their Very First Sexual Experience

    How do you look back on your first sexual experience? For some people, it’s remembered positively, whereas for others, it is a source of regret and shame because they feel like it happened too soon or with the wrong person. A recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research sought to...
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    Article Troubles of marriage without sex

    You are in a quandary if you have sexual intercourse less than ten times a year in your marriage. Read about the most common troubles of a marriage without sex. Marriage without sex is a great burden Marriage without sex can be a great burden for the involved. Many times we make jokes about it...
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    Article How to Have Fun and Healthy Sex at Any Age

    Enjoying a healthy, fun sex life is possible no matter how old you are. If medical conditions or simply being in a rut has dampened your desire, consider these sex tips to revitalize romance. Having satisfying, fun, and healthy sex should be part of your life at every age, even as you get...
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    Article Busty idol Megumi Haruno finally reveals naked breasts, licks own nipples

    If you’re a fan of bakunyu “explosive breasts,” then you’re in for a treat because busty babe Megumi Haruno (春野恵) has answered your prayers. The 32-year-old gravure idol is the veteran of many acting appearances and photo shoots, which generally play off her amazing assets. That said, they were...
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    Article 11 Must-Know Facts About Your Clitoris For Better Sex (Because Knowledge Is Power)

    I haven’t even met you, but I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that your clitoris is an amazing and fascinating piece of biological machinery — because all clitorises (clitorii, as I like to call them) are amazing. It’s that mysterious body part that some sex partners just can’t seem to figure...
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    Article Women Prefer Thin Men, Not Macho Men

    Ha! Women (女人) & girls (女孩)are a bit different. Girls prefer more flashy guys. In my perspective, got money sure got both women & girls (be it i am thin or not thin).
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    Article Women Prefer Thin Men, Not Macho Men

    When it comes to picking out a mate, new research suggests women may be looking for chiseled abs, not a square jaw. Manly features like a strong jaw and squinty eyes have long been assumed to appeal to potential mates — perhaps because they typically indicate that those who possess them can...
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    Article 5 Expert Tricks for Women to Orgasm From Oral Sex

    OK, yes, there is more to receiving oral sex than having an orgasm ? the closeness and sensation alone can be satisfying ? but we can probably all agree that an O is often the cherry on top of an all-consuming, sweaty, oh-my-god-don?t-stop sex session. Getting there, though, can be the difficult...
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    Article 4 things about female orgasms researchers actually study

    Here’s a snapshot of what research tells us about female orgasms, what we don’t know, and what researchers want to find out. 1. When women orgasm, what actually happens? When women orgasm, their pelvic floor muscles contract rhythmically and involuntarily. These contractions are thought to help...
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    Article Is Love Necessary for Great Sex?

    Some people are certain that sex should be great and ground-shaking, if there's true love. This isn't true. Such people are unable to distinguish between sex and love. Let's take a look at some common traits, fears and convictions of people who cannot distinguish between love and sexuality...